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Suomi NPP ATMS Sounder Science Investigator-led Processing System (SIPS) Level 1B Brightness Temperature V1 (SNPPATMSL1B) at GES DISC

As of Feb 1 2019, SNPP Sounder ATMS and CrIS Level 1 Version 1 production has come to an end, leaving a complete seven year record for the microwave and nominal spectral resolution infrared Level 1B products. These products have been superseded by their Version 2 counterparts, for which production is continuing. The Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder (ATMS) Level 1B data files contain brightness temperature measurements along with ancillary spacecraft, instrument, and geolocation data of the ATMS instrument on the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership Project (SNPP). The ATMS instrument is a cross-track scanner with 22 microwave channels in the range 23.8-183.31 Gigahertz (GHz). The beam width is 1.1 degrees for the channels in the 160-183 GHz range, 2.2 degrees for the 80 GHz and 50-60 GHz channels, and 5.2 degrees for the 23.8 and 31.4 GHz channels. Since the SNPP satellite is orbiting at an altitude of about 830 km, the instantaneous spatial resolution on the ground at nadir is about 16 km, 32 km, or 75 km depending upon the channel. The brightness temperature data are contained in an array with 135 rows in the along-track direction, 96 columns in the cross-track direction, and a 3rd dimension for each of the 22 channels. The ATMS cross-track scan interval is 0.018 seconds and the along-track scan period is 8/3 seconds. Data products are constructed on six minute boundaries. There is a version 2 of this product. The data files have all been reprocessed.

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