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TRMM Ground Validation Radar Site Rain Type Map L2 1 hour 2 km V7 (TRMM_2A54) at GES DISC

'Radar Site Convective/Stratiform Map', is an instantaneous map in Cartesian coordinates with a 2 km resolution. At single radar sites, the map covers an area of 300 km x 300 km. For the multiple radar site in Texas, the map covers a region of 724 km x 568 km, and in Florida 512 km x 704 km. The map identifies the surface precipitation as convective or stratiform. A key component of the TRMM project is the Ground Validation (GV) effort which consists of collecting data from ground-based radar, rain gauges and disdrometers. The data is quality-controlled, and then validation products are produced for comparison with TRMM satellite products. The four primary GV sites are: + Darwin, Australia; + Houston, Texas; + Kwajalein, Republic of the Marshall Islands; + Melbourne, Florida. A significant effort is also being supported at NASA Wallops Flight Facility (WFF) and vicinity to provide high quality, long-term measurements of rain rates (via a network of rain gauges collocated with National Weather Service gauges), as well as drop size distributions (DSD) using a variety of instruments, including impact-type Joss Waldvogel, laser-optical Parsivel, as well as two-dimensional video disdrometers. DSD measurements are also being collected at Melbourne and Kwajalein using Joss-Waldvogel disdrometers.

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