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ASTER Registered Radiance at the Sensor - Orthorectified V003

The ASTER Orthorectified Registered Radiance at the Sensor (AST14OTH) products ( contain imagery transformed from a perspective projection to an orthogonal one. An orthorectified image possesses the geometric characteristics of a map with near-vertical views for every location. These products are terrain corrected, provide radiometrically calibrated radiance, and are mapped to the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinate system. The inputs include the following: an ASTER Level 1A Reconstructed Unprocessed Instrument dataset; georeferencing information from the ASTER instrument's and Terra platform's ephemeris and attitude data; and an ASTER-derived digital elevation model (DEM). The output product includes fifteen orthorectified ASTER Level 1B calibrated radiance images, one per band, as listed below.

Map of Earth