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Remote Sensing Data Before and After California Rim and King Forest Fires, 2010-2015

This data set provides high-resolution surface reflectance, thermal imagery, burn severity metrics, and LiDAR-derived structural measures of forested areas in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, USA, collected before and after the August 2013 Rim and September 2014 King mega forest fires. Pre-fire data were paired with post-fire collections to assess pre- and post-fire landscape characteristics and fire severity. Field estimates of fire severity were collected to compare with derived remote sensing indices. Reflectance measurements for the spectroscopic AVIRIS and MASTER sensors are distributed as multi-band geotiffs for each megafire and acquisition date. Derived operational metric products for each sensor are provided in individual GeoTIFFs. GeoTIFFs produced from LiDAR point data depict first order topographic indices and summary statistics of vertical vegetation structure.

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