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MOPITT Beta CO gridded daily means (Thermal Infrared Radiances) V107

MOP03T_107 is the Measurements Of Pollution In The Troposphere (MOPITT) Level 3 Beta CO gridded daily means (Thermal Infrared Radiances) version 107 product. It contains daily and monthly mean gridded versions of the daily Level 2 CO profile and total column retrievals. The averaging kernels associated with each retrieval are also gridded and included in the Level 3 files. Version 107 products are beta versions for version 7 products, they are unvalidated beta products subject to recalibration. For a description of the file contents, refer to the File Spec Document. The MOPITT Level 2 Data Quality Statement contains additional information about the quality and the limitations of the retrievals. [From the MOPITT version 3 Level 3 Data Quality Summary] MOPITT was successfully launched into sun-synchronous polar orbit aboard Terra, NASA's first Earth Observing System spacecraft on December 18, 1999. The MOPITT instrument was constructed by a consortium of Canadian companies and funded by the Space Science Division of the Canadian Space Agency.

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