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TRMM Microwave Imager Calibrated Radiances L1B 1.5 hours V7 (TRMM_1B11) at GES DISC

This dataset contains TRMM Micrwave Imager (TMI) L1B calibrated radiances in terms of Brightness Temperatures. The TMI calibration algorithm (1B11) converts the radiometer counts to antenna temperatures by applying a linear relationship of the form Ta = c1 + c2 x count. The coefficients are provided by the instrument contractor. Antenna temperatures are corrected for cross-polarization and spill over to produce brightness temperatures (Tb), but no antenna beam pattern correction or sample to pixel averaging are performed. Temperatures are provided at 104 scan positions for the low frequency channels and 208 scan positions at 85 GHz. There are four samples per pixel (3 -dB beamwidth) at 10 GHz, two samples at 19, 22, and 37 GHz, and one sample per pixel for the 85 GHz. Data Flow Description Changes in horizontal resolution resulting from the TRMM boost that occurred on 24 August 2001: Pre-Boost (before 7 August 2001): Temporal Resolution: 91.5 min/orbit ~ 16 orbits/day; Swath Width: 760 km; Horizontal Resolution: 4.4 km Post-Boost (after 24 August 2001): Temporal Resolution: 92.5 min/orbit ~ 16 orbits/day; Swath Width: 878 km; Horizontal Resolution: 5.1 km

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