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TRMM Combined Precipitation Radar and Microwave Imager Rainfall Profile L2 1.5 hours V7 (TRMM_2B31) at GES DISC

The TRMM combined algorithm (2B31) combines data from the TMI and PR to produce the best rain estimate for TRMM. This combined rainfall product is derived from vertical hydrometeor profiles using data from the PR radar and TMI. It also includes computed correlation-corrected, mass-weighted, mean drop diameter and its standard deviation, and latent heating data. Pre-Boost (before 7 August 2001): Temporal Resolution: 91.5 min/orbit ~ 16 orbits/day; Swath Width: 215 km; Horizontal Resolution: 4.3 km Post-Boost (after 24 August 2001): Temporal Resolution: 92.5 min/orbit ~ 16 orbits/day; Swath Width: 247 km; Horizontal Resolution: 5.0 km

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