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TRMM Precipitation Radar Surface Cross-Section L2 1.5 hours V7 (TRMM_2A21) at GES DISC

The new version of these data is in GPM-like format (consistent with the GPM Dual-frequency Radar data format), and can be found under the name GPM_2APR. This is the sigma zero algorithm, which inputs the PR power (1B21) and computes estimates of the path attenuation and its reliability by using the surface as a reference target. It also computes the spatial and temporal statistics of the surface scattering cross section and classifies the cross sections into land/ocean and rain/no rain categories. Changes in horizontal resolution resulting from the TRMM boost that occurred on 24 August 2001: Pre-Boost (before 7 August 2001): Temporal Resolution: 91.5 min/orbit ~ 16 orbits/day; Swath Width: 215 km; Horizontal Resolution: 4.3 km Post-Boost (after 24 August 2001): Temporal Resolution: 92.5 min/orbit ~ 16 orbits/day; Swath Width: 247 km; Horizontal Resolution: 5.0 km

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