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TRMM (TMPA/3B43) Rainfall Estimate L3 1 month 0.25 degree x 0.25 degree V7 (TRMM_3B43) at GES DISC

TMPA (3B43) dataset have been discontinued as of Dec. 31, 2019, and users are strongly encouraged to shift to the successor IMERG dataset (doi: 10.5067/GPM/IMERG/3B-MONTH/06). The 3B43 dataset is the monthly version of the 3B42 dataset. This product was created using TRMM-adjusted merged microwave-infrared precipitation rate (in mm/hr) and root-mean-square (RMS) precipitation-error estimates. It provides a "best" precipitation estimate in a latitude band covering 50o N to 50o S, an expansion of the TRMM region, from all global data sources, namely high-quality microwave data, infrared data, and analyses of rain gauges. The granule size is one month.

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