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TRMM Radar Rain Distributions L3 1 month 5 degree x 5 degree V7 (TRMM_3A26) at GES DISC

The new version of these data is in GPM-like format (consistent with the GPM Dual-frequency Radar data format), and can be found under the name GPM_3PR. This dataset contains distributions of monthly surface rainfall. These data were derived from rain rate statistics and include the estimated values of the probability distribution function of the space-time rain rates at four levels (2 km, 4 km, 6 km, and path-averaged) and the mean, standard deviation, and probability of rain derived from these distributions. Three different rain rate estimates are used as input to the algorithm: (1) the standard Z-R (or 0th-order estimate having no attenuation correction); (2) the Hitschfield-Bordan (H-B); and (3) the rain rates taken from 2A25.

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