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TRMM Radar Rainfall Statistics L3 1 month (5 x 5) and (0.5 x 0.5) degree V7 (TRMM_3A25) at GES DISC

The new version of these data is in GPM-like format (consistent with the GPM Dual-frequency Radar data format), and can be found under the name GPM_3PR. This product consists of monthly statistics of the PR measurements at both a low (5 degrees x 5 degrees) and a high (0.5 degrees x 0.5 degrees) horizontal resolution. The low resolution grids are in the Planetary Grid 1 structure and include 1) mean and standard deviation of the rain rate, reflectivity, path-integrated attenuation (PIA), storm height, Xi, bright band height and the NUBF (Non-Uniform Beam Filling) correction; 2) rain fractions; 3) histograms of the storm height, bright-band height, snow-ice layer, reflectivity, rain rate, path-attenuation and NUBF correction; 4) correlation coefficients. The high resolution grids are in the Planetary Grid 2 structure and contain mean rain rate along with standard deviation and rain fractions.

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