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TRMM Microwave Imager Oceanic Rainfall L3 1 month 5 degree x 5 degree V7 (TRMM_3A11) at GES DISC

The new equivalent for this dataset should be searched for as "GPM_3GPROFTRMMTMI_CLIM". The TMI Gridded Oceanic Rainfall Product, also known as TMI Emission, consists of 5 degree by 5 degree monthly oceanic rainfall maps using TMI Level 1 data as input. Statistics of the monthly rainfall, including number of samples, standard deviation, goodness-of-fit (of the brightness temperature histogram to the lognormal rainfall distribution function) and rainfall probability are also included in the output for each grid box. TMI brightness temperature histograms at 1 degree intervals are generated based on the 19, 21 and 19-21 GHz combination channels obtained from the Level 1B (calibrated brightness temperature) TMI product. Monthly rainfall indices over the ocean are derived by statistically matching monthly histograms of brightness temperatures with model calculated rainfall Probability Distribution Functions (PDF) using the 19-21 GHz combination data. Retrieved monthly rainfall data must pass a quality test based on the quality of the PDF fit.

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