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Chang SSM/I Derived Monthly Rain Indices 5 x 5 degree V2.3 (RAIN_CHANG) at GES DISC

These data are transitioned to a state of permanent preservation. They are available upon request. More advanced datasets have been developed since. One recommended replacement is the GPCP (doi: 10.5067/TTO0VJF2FSYR) product developed under the MEaSUREs project. Futhermore, the NASA Precipitation Measurement Missions Project released newly processed SSM/I datasets as output from the GPROF (Goddard Profiling Algorithm). (doi: 10.5067/GPM/SSMI/F11/GPROFCLIM/2A/05, 10.5067/GPM/SSMI/F11/GPROFCLIM/3A-MONTH/05, 10.5067/GPM/SSMI/F11/GPROFCLIM/3A-DAY/05) The "RAIN_CHANG" SSM/I Derived Oceanic Monthly Rainfall Indices data set was an early Global Precipitation Climatology Project (GPCP) product. Monthly rainfall indices over the oceans were derived from Special Sensor Microwave Imager (SSM/I) data from the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) satellites F8 and F11, on channels 19 and 22 V. The data set covered the period from July 1987 to December 1995. The monthly rainfall indices are on a 5 degree by 5 degree grid extending from 50 N to 50 S. The Wilheit, Chang and Chiu (1991) method used to derive the indices gives valid values only over ocean areas. Land pixels (including island pixels) and erroneous pixels return a -10 flag. The data are stored on a 72 x 20 grid. Grid point (1,1) contains the index for 45-50 N, 0-5 E, grid point (2,1) contains the index for 45-50 N, 5-10 E, ... and grid point (72,20) contains the index for 45-50 S, 175-180 W. In the data set, each month starts with an ASCII header to identify the year and month. The data is in 10F8.1 format. Each value is the average of AM and PM estimates and corrected for beam filling error. The equation used is: (AM PM)/2.0 * 1.8. Land pixels are set to -10.0. Also there are 33 pixels blocked out due to island contamination (-10.0). If the rain retrieval did not converge, a -10.0 is assigned to the pixel. The objective of this data set was to provide a long term monthly rainfall data set to be used in EOS global change and GEWEX related research.

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