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Arkin and Janowiak GPI: IR -Based Monthly Rainfall for the GPCP 2.5 x 2.5 degree V1 (RAIN_ARKIN) at GES DISC

These data are transitioned to a state of permanent preservation. They are available upon request. More advanced datasets have been developed since. One recommended replacement is the GPCP (doi: 10.5067/TTO0VJF2FSYR) product developed under the MEaSUREs project. The Arkin and Janowiak GPI (GOES Precipitation Index) was the infrared-based monthly rainfall estimate produced by the early GPCP (Global Precipitation Climatology Project) algorithms. The infrared observations from geostationary satellites (GOES, GMS, Meteosat) are used to produce these monthly mean rainfall totals on a 2.5 deg by 2.5 deg grid from 40 N to 40 S for the period Jan 1986 to Dec 1995.

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