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MERRA 3D IAU State, Meteorology Instantaneous 3-hourly subsetted along CloudSat track 0.6 x 0.25 degree V5.2.0 (MAI3CPASM_CPR) at GES DISC

This is the MERRA IAU 3d assimilated state on pressure subset, collocated with the CloudSat track. The subset is processed at the Modeling and Assimilation Data and Information Services Center (MDISC) of the GES DISC, NASA. The algorithm first calculates coordinates along the CloudSat ground track as well as coordinates orthogonal to the Clou dSat ground track to produce a swath co-instantiated with actual CloudSat coverage. The al gorithm proceeds to extract the closest MERRA grid cell at each point within the co-instan tiated swath and writes the output subset in HDF-EOS2 swath-format, one subset for each tim e stride for eight subsets per day. The swath has an along-track temporal resolution of 10 seconds and an across-track spatial resolution of 0.25 degrees. With 9 across-track bins, the resulting coverage is about 200km wide. All original parameters are preserved in the subset. As it is collocated with CloudSat, the subset is automatically collocated with CALIPSO as well.

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