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The Particle Environment Monitor (PEM) level 2 Vector Magnetometer (VMAG) DC daily product contains the Vector Magnetic Field component, UARS Aspect Magnetometers component, and UARS Torquer Bars component data converted to nanoTesla and milliAmp units. PEM was flown on the UARS spacecraft to measure the type, amount, energy, and distribution of charged particles injected into the Earth's thermosphere, mesosphere, and stratosphere. The VMAG DC data range is from -65000 nT to +65000 nT, with 2 nT resolution. Measurements were from the three vector components, X, Y, and Z with respect to the UARS spacecraft orientation. The VMAG sensor consists of three orthogonal ring-core fluxgate sensors, surrounded by a thermal sphere. Stray magnetic fields from the spacecraft can be accounted for by use of the UARS torquer bar currents. The VMAG unit is located on the zenith boom of UARS. The UARS aspect magnetometers and torquer bars are located on the body of the UARS spacecraft. There is one data file per day for the PEM VMAG DC product, and the temporal coverage is from Oct. 1, 1991 to Aug. 23, 2005. Spatial coverage for the VMAG DC product ranges between -57 and +57 degrees latitude. The VMAG DC data files are written in network binary format. For more information please review the PEM VMAG DC data format guide.

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