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UARS Particle Environment Monitor (PEM) Level 3AT V004 (UARPE3AT) at GES DISC

The Particle Environment Monitor (PEM) Level 3AT data product consists of daily, 65.536 second interval time-ordered, vertical profiles of electron, proton and x-ray energy deposition rates. PEM was made up of four instruments: the Atmospheric X-Ray Imaging Spectrometer (AXIS), the High Energy Particle Spectrometer (HEPS), the Medium Energy Spectrometer (MEPS), and the Vector Magnetometer (VMAG). PEM was flown on NASA's Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) to measure the type, amount, energy, and distribution of charged particles injected into the Earth's thermosphere, mesosphere, and stratosphere. The PEM electron and proton data are processed with the version 4 algorithm, while the x-ray data remained version 3. The PEM level 3AT data consist of 18 granules per day. A data granule is defined as one PEM subtype per day. The x-ray pixel subtypes are grouped together in a single tar file for each day, the electron and proton are available as individual files per day. Data are on the UARS standard altitude levels (in km) given by: z(i) = 5 * i, i <= 12 z(i) = 60 + (i - 12) * 3, 13 <= i <= 32 z(i) = 120 + (i - 32) * 10, 33 <= i <= 50 The data files are available in a binary record oriented format.

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