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UARS Correlative UKMO Daily Gridded Stratospheric Assimilated Data V001 (UARZCUKM) at GES DISC

The UARS Correlative assimilation data from the U.K. Meteorological Office (UKMO) consists of daily model runs at 12:00 GMT as a means of providing an independent analysis for comparison with data from the UARS instruments. The UKMO product includes temperature (Kelvin), geopotential height (m), zonal and meridional wind components (m/s), and vertical velocity (Pa/s). Note: vertical velocity (omega) data are available from 26 August 1992 forward. The numerical Unified Model used in the assimilation system is a global primitive equation model, with a split-explicit time integration scheme. It incorporates a comprehensive range of physical parameterization schemes. It uses a hybrid vertical coordinate system, with terrain-following model levels at low levels, gradually changing to pressure levels in the stratosphere. The input to the assimilation system are from the World Weather Watch network of surface and upper air observations and satellite data. The UKMO correlative product consists of a single granule per day containing all the geophysical parameters. Data coverage is global for where the horizontal resolution is 2.5 degrees latitude by 3.75 degrees longitude, using a staggered grid system. For parameters other than wind components, each horizontal field consists of 73 rows of 96 points, starting at 90N, 0E. The wind data are staggered by half a grid, starting at 88.75N, 1.875E (with 72 rows). The UKMO correlative assimilation data are on the UARS standard pressure levels (in mbars) given by: P(i) = 1000 * 10**(-i/6) for i = 0, 1, 2, ... The data files are available in a binary record oriented format.

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