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CMS: Forest Carbon Stocks, Emissions, and Net Flux for the Conterminous US: 2005-2010

This data set provides maps of estimated carbon in forests of the 48 continental states of the US for the years 2005-2010. Carbon (termed committed carbon) stocks were estimated for forest aboveground biomass, belowground biomass, standing dead stems, and litter for the year 2005. Carbon emissions were estimated from land use conversion to agriculture, insect damage, logging, wind, and weather events in the forests for the years 2006 - 2010. Committed net carbon flux was estimated as the sum of carbon emissions and sequestration. The maps are provided at 100-m spatial resolution in GeoTIFF format. Average annual carbon estimates, by US county, for (1) emissions for the multiple disturbance sources, (2) sequestration, and (3) the committed net carbon flux are provided in an ESRI shapefile.

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