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OMI/Aura Near UV Aerosol Optical Depth and Single Scattering Albedo L3 1 day 1.0 degree x 1.0 degree V3 (OMAERUVd) at GES DISC

The OMI science team produces this Level-3 daily global gridded product OMAERUVd (1 deg Lat/Lon grids). The OMAERUVd product is produced with all data pixels that fall in a grid box with quality filtered and then averaged, based on the pixel level OMI Level-2 Aerosol data product OMAERUV. The OMAERUV data product is based on the enhanced TOMS version-8 algorithm that essentially uses the ultraviolet radiance data. The OMAERUVd data product contains extinction and absorption optical depths at three wavelenghts (355 nm, 388 nm and 500 nm). The OMAERUVd files are stored in version 5 EOS Hierarchical Data Format (HDF-EOS5). Each file contains daily data from approximately 15 orbits. The maximum file size for the OMAERUVd data product is about 0.2 Mbytes.

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