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MSU Ch 2/3 Daily Lower Troposphere Temps with Limb93 Correction L3 1 day 2.5 degree x 2.5 degree V001 (MSULTT) at GES DISC

The Microwave Sounding Unit (MSU) Lower Troposphere Deep Layer Temperature product (MSULTT) provides gridded lower tropospheric temperatures derived from MSU instruments on several different platforms. The temperatures are derived using a combination of MSU channels 2 and 3 which has an averaging kernel that peaks near 500 hecto Pascals. The algorithm is based on Spencer and Christy (1990) with the LIMB 93 limb correction based on latitude, longitude, month, and scan angle. The MSU instruments measure the thermal emission of radiation by molecular oxygen at four frequencies near 60 GHz. North (south) of 66.7N (S) the footprint data are assigned to grid boxes in a weighted method depending on footprint latitude. Horizontal averaging is used

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