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HIRDLS/Aura Level 3 Geopotential Height 1deg Lat Zonal Fourier Coefficients V007 (H3ZFCGPH) at GES DISC

The "HIRDLS/Aura Level 3 Geopotential Height Zonal Fourier Coefficients" version 7 data product (H3ZFCGPH) contains the entire mission (~3 years) of HIRDLS data expressed as zonal Fourier coefficients in 1 degree latitude bands from -64 to 80 degrees at 121 pressure levels. The coefficients are computed from the HIRDLS Level 2 profiles with a Kalman filter approach using both forward and backward passes in time. Expressed as the mean and up to 7 sine and cosine coefficients (4 waves for ascending and descending, 7 waves for combined), these coefficients may be used to compute values at any longitude. The data are provided on a pressure grid with 24 levels per decade, corresponding to about 1 km vertical resolution. The useful vertical range of the data is 1000 to 0.01 hPa. The precision values are given by the root-mean square of the differences between the estimated fields and the input data. The data are stored in the version 5 Hierarchical Data Format for the Earth Observing System (HDF-EOS5), which is an extension of the HDF5 format. Each file contains a zonal object with data for the entire mission with separate data fields for ascending (daytime), descending (nighttime), and combined orbit node.

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