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SBUV2/NOAA-17 Ozone (O3) Nadir Profile and Total Column 1 Day L2 V1 (SBUV2N17L2) at GES DISC

The Solar Backscattered Ultraviolet (SBUV) from NOAA-17 Level-2 daily product (SBUV2N17L2) contains ozone nadir profile and total column data from retrievals generated from the v8.6 SBUV algorithm. The v8.6 SBUV algorithm estimates the ozone nadir profile and total column from SBUV measurements using 1) the Brion-Daumont-Malicet ozone cross sections, 2) an OMI-derived cloud-height climatology, 3) a revised a priori ozone climatology, and 4) inter-instrument calibration based on comparisons with no local time difference. The SBUV2N17L2 product is written as daily files using the HDF5 format, with file sizes ranging from about 1 to 5 Mbytes. Data are available from July 2002 through April 2013. The SBUV2N17L2 data product was used as input in creating the SBUV2N17L3zm monthly zonal mean data product.

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