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GOZCARDS Merged Ozone 1 month L3 10 degree Zonal Means on a Vertical Pressure Grid V1 (GozMmlpO3) at GES DISC

The GOZCARDS Merged Data for Ozone 1 month L3 10 degree Zonal Averages on a Vertical Pressure Grid product (GozMmlpO3) contains zonal means and related information (standard deviation, minimum/maximum value, etc.), calculated as a result of a merging process that ties together the source datasets, after bias removal and averaging. The merged O3 data are from the following satellite instruments: SAGE I (v5.9_rev; 1979-1981), SAGE II (v6.2; 1984-2005), HALOE (v19; 1991-2005), UARS MLS (v5; 1991-1997), ACE-FTS (v2.2; 2004-onward), Aura MLS (v2.2; 2004 onward) others as validation (e.g., SAGE III, v4.0; 2002-2005). The vertical pressure range for O3 is from 147 to 0.5 hPa. The input source data used to create this merged product are contained in a separate data product with the short name GozSmlpO3. The GozMmlpO3 merged data are distributed in netCDF4 format.

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