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OMI/Aura Level 1B Solar Irradiances V003 (OML1BIRR) at GES DISC

The OMI Level 1B solar irradiance product is the radiometrically calibrated and geolocated measurements of the UV and Visible channels of the spectral solar irradiance. It is the averaged measurements of the solar irradiances over a single solar observation in the wavelength ranges of UV1 (264-311 nm, 159 channels), UV2 (307-383 nm, 557 channels) and VIS (349-504 nm, 751 channels). The data contain solar measurement products for both the global and the spatial zoom-in mode. This product only contains measurements obtained with the quartz volume diffuser and provides average of the individual measurements made along track to average out the solar elevation dependent bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) features of the diffuser. The shortname for this OMI Level-1B Product is OML1BIRR. The lead algorithm scientists for this product is Dr. Marcel Dobber from the Roayl Netherlands Meteorological Institude (KNMI). OMI calibrated and geolocated radiances for the UV and Visible channels, spectral irradiances, calibration measurements, and all derived geophysical atmospheric products are archived at the NASA Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (GES DISC). OML1BIRR files are stored in the HDF4 based EOS Hierarchical Data Format. The radiances for the earth measurements (also referred as signal) and its precision are stored as a 16 bit mantissa and an 8-bit exponent. The signal can be computed using the equation: signal = mantissa x 10^exponent. For the precision, the same exponent is used as for the signal.

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