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SeaWiFS Deep Blue Aerosol Optical Depth and Angstrom Exponent Daily Level 3 Data Gridded at 0.5 Degrees V004 (SWDB_L305) at GES DISC

The SeaWiFS Deep Blue (SWDB) Level 3 daily global gridded (0.5 x 0.5 deg) data is derived from SeaWiFS Deep Blue Level 2 data. In most cases, each data field represents the arithmetic mean of all cells whose latitude and longitude places it within the bounds of each grid element. Furthermore, only cells measured on the day of interest are included in this calculation. The local date based on the longitude of the cell is calculated from the time of measurement. If the local date equals the day of interest, the cell is included in the L3 data processing. The primary data parameters are aerosol optical thickness, and Angstrom exponent.

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