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OMI/Aura Level 2 Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Trace Gas Column Data 1-Orbit subset Swath along CloudSat track 1-Orbit Swath 13x24 km

This is a CloudSat-collocated subset of the original product OMNO2, for the purposes of the A-Train mission. The goal of the subset is to select and return OMI data that are within +/-100 km across the CloudSat track. The resultant OMI subset swath is sought to be about 200 km cross-track of CloudSat. This product also contains many ancillary and derived parameters, terrain and geolocation information, solar and satellite viewing angles, and quality flags. Even though collocated with CloudSat, this subset can serve many other A-Train applications. (The shortname for this CloudSat-collocated OMI Level 2 NO2 subset is OMNO2_CPR_V003)

Map of Earth