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POLDER/Parasol L2 Radiation Budget subset along CloudSat track V001 (PARASOLRB_CPR) at GES DISC

This is the POLDER/Parasol Level-2 Radiation Budget Subset, collocated with the CloudSat track. The subset is processed at the A-Train Data Depot of the GES DISC, NASA. The algorithm first converts the original POLDER binary data, which is Level-2 but nevertheless in a sinusoidal grid, into HDF4 format, and thus stores the full-sized data in HDF4. Then, it calculates the CloudSat ground track coordinates, and proceeds to extract the closest POLDER grid cells. Along with the extraction, the algorithm re-orders the subset grid cells in a line-by-line fashion, so that the output subset is in array format and resembles a swath. This array has a cross-track dimension of 11 columns. That makes about 200-km-wide coverage. All original parameters are preserved in the subset. As it is collocated with CloudSat, the subset is automatically collocated with CALIPSO as well.

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