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MODIS/Aqua Clouds 1km and 5km 5-Min L2 Swath Subset along MLS V002 (MAM06S0) at GES DISC

This is the MODIS/Aqua subset along MLS field of view track. The goal of the subset is to select and return MODIS data that are within +-100 km across the MLS track. I.e. the resultant MODIS subset swath is sought to be about 200 km cross-track. However, the original MYD06_L2 has data of 5- and 1-km pixels. Thus, MAM06S0 cross-track width is 41- and 201-pixels, depending on the parameter. Along-track, all MODIS pixels from the original product are preserved. In the standard product, the level-2 MODIS cloud product consists of cloud optical and physical parameters. These parameters are derived using remotely sensed infrared, visible and near infrared solar reflected radiances. MODIS infrared channel radiances are used to derive cloud top temperature, cloud top height, effective emissivity, cloud phase (ice vs. water, opaque vs. non-opaque), and cloud fraction under both daytime and nighttime conditions. MODIS visible radiances are used to derive cloud optical thickness and effective particle radius and cloud shadow effects. Near infrared solar reflected radiance provides additional information in the retrieval of cloud particle phase (ice vs. water, clouds vs. snow). (The shortname for this product is MAM06S0).

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