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MODIS/Aqua Aerosol 5-Min L2 Swath Subset 10km along MLS V002 (MAM04S0) at GES DISC

This is the MODIS/Aqua subset along MLS field of view track. The goal of the subset is to select and return MODIS data that are within +-100 km across the MLS track. I.e. the resultant MODIS subset swath is sought to be about 200 km cross-track. However, the original MYD04_L2 has 10-km pixels. Thus, MAM04S0 cross-track width is 21 pixels, and the resultant cross-track swath width is about 200 km. Along-track, all MODIS pixels from the original product are preserved. In the stardard product, the MODIS level-2 atmospheric aerosol product provides retrieved ambient aerosol optical properties (e.g., optical thickness and size distribution), mass concentration, look-up table derived reflected and transmitted fluxes, as well as quality assurance and other ancillary parameters, globally over ocean and near globally over land. (The shortname for this product is MAM04S0).

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