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MODIS/Aqua Total Precip Water Vapor 1km and 5km 5-Min L2 Narrow Swath Subset along CloudSat V002 (MAC05S0) at GES DISC

This is the narrow-swath MODIS/Aqua subset along CloudSat field of view track. The goal of the narrow-swath subset is to select and return MODIS data that are within +-5 km across the CloudSat track. I.e. the resultant MODIS subset swath is sought to be about 10 km cross-track. However, the original MYD05_L2 has data of 5- and 1-km pixels. Thus, MAC05S0 cross-track width is 3- and 11-pixels, depending on the parameter, and the resultant swath is about 15- and 10-km, correspondingly. Along-track, all MODIS pixels from the original product are preserved. In the standard product, the MODIS level-2 atmospheric precipitable water product consists of total atmospheric column water vapor amounts (and ancillary parameters) over clear land areas of the globe, over extended clear oceanic areas with the Sun glint, and above clouds over both land and ocean. These estimates are based on a near-infrared algorithm using only daytime measurements with solar zenith angle less than 72 degrees. The retrieval algorithm relies on observations of water vapor attenuation of near-infrared solar radiation reflected by surfaces and clouds. The product is produced only over areas that have reflective surfaces in the near-infrared. The infrared-derived precipitable water vapor generated for both daytime & nighttime conditions as one component of another MODIS product (MYD07) is also provided as a part of this product. (The shortname for this product is MAC05S0).

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