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MODIS/Aqua Calibrated Radiances 250m 5-Min L1B Narrow Swath Subset along CloudSat V002 (MAC02QS0) at GES DISC

This is the narrow-swath MODIS/Aqua subset along CloudSat field of view track. The goal of the narrow-swath subset is to select and return MODIS data that are within +-5 km across the CloudSat track. I.e. the resultant MODIS subset swath is about 10 km cross-track. Thus, MAC02QS0 cross-track width is 44 pixels for radiances. Geolocations, however, are 1-km at best, and thus the cross-track width for geolocations is 11 pixels. Along-track, all MODIS pixels from the original product are preserved. In the standard product, the 250 meter MODIS Level 1B data set contains calibrated and geolocated at-aperture radiances for 2 discrete bands located in the 0.62 to 0.88 micron region of the electromagnetic spectrum. These data are generated from the MODIS Level 1A scans of raw radiance and in the process converted to geophysical units of W/(m^2 um sr). In addition, the Earth Bi-directional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) may be determined for these solar reflective bands through knowledge of the solar irradiance (e.g., determined from MODIS solar diffuser data, and from the target illumination geometry). Additional data are provided including quality flags, error estimates and calibration data. Channel locations for the MODIS 250 meter data are as follows: Band Center Wavelength (um) Primary Use -------------------------- ----------- 1 0.620 - 0.670 Land/Cloud Boundaries 2 0.841 - 0.876 Land/Cloud Boundaries (The shortname for this product is MAC02QS0).

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