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AIRS/Aqua L1B Near Real Time (NRT) Visible/Near Infrared (VIS/NIR) geolocated and calibrated radiances V005 (AIRVBRAD_NRT) at GES DISC


The AIRS Visible/Near Infrared (VIS/NIR) Level 1B Near Real Time (NRT) product (AIRVBRAD_NRT_005) differs from the routine product (AIRVBRAD_005) in 2 ways to meet the three hour latency requirements of the Land Atmosphere NRT Capability Earth Observing System (LANCE): (1) The NRT granules are produced without previous or subsequent granules if those granules are not available within 5 minutes, (2) the predictive ephemeris/attitude data are used rather than the definitive ephemeris/attitude. The consequences of these differences are described in the AIRS Near Real Time (NRT) data products document. The AIRS VIS/NIR level 1B data set contains visible and near-infrared calibrated and geolocated radiances in W/m^2/micron/steradian for 4 channels in the 0.4 to 1.0 um region of the spectrum. The spectral range of the VIS/NIR channels are as follows: Channel 1 0.41 um - 0.44 um, Channel 2 0.58 um - 0.68 um, Channel 3 0.71 um - 0.92 um, Channel 4 0.49 um - 0.94 um. The AIRVBRAD_NRT_005 products are stored in files (often referred to as "granules") that contain 6 minutes of data, 90 footprints across track by 135 lines along track. The VIS/NIR granules are only produced in the daytime so there will always be fewer VIS/NIR granules than Infrared or microwave granules.

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