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Collaborative Research in IPY: Abrupt Environmental Change in the Larsen Ice Shelf System, a Multidisciplinary Approach -- Cryosphere and Oceans - truffer_0732602

This award supports the cryospheric and oceanographic components of an integrated multi-disciplinary program to address the rapid and fundamental changes now taking place in Antarctic Peninsula (AP). By making use of a marine research platform (the RV NB Palmer and on-board helicopters) and additional logistical support from the Argentine Antarctic program, the project brought glaciologists, oceanographers, marine geologists and biologists together, working collaboratively to address fundamentally interdisciplinary questions regarding climate change. This part of the work addresses the expected dynamical changes of tributary glaciers, when the remnant of the Larsen B Ice Shelf (the SCAR Inlet) will break up. GPS measurements were used to characterize the dynamics of the glaciers, before ice shelf breakup.

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