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EO-1 Hyperion

The EO-1 ALI is the first Earth-Observing instrument to be flown under NASA's New Millennium Program (NMP). The ALI employ s novel wide-angle optics and a highly integrated multispectral and panchromatic spectrometer. MIT Lincoln Laboratory developed the ALI with NMP instrument team members: Raytheon/Santa Barbara Remote Sensing (SBRS) for the focal pl ane system, and Sensor Systems Group, Inc. (SSG) for the optical system. The EO-1 ALI is a technology verification instrument under the NMP. The focal plane for this instrument is partially populated with four sensor chip assemblies (SCA) and also covers 3° by 1.625°. Operating in a pushbroom fashion at an orbit of 705 km, the ALI provides Lan dsat type panchromatic and multispectral bands. These bands have been designed to mimic six Landsat bands with three additional bands co vering 0.433-0.453, 0.845-0.890, and 1.20-1.30 µm. The ALI also contains wide-angle optics designed to provide a continuous 15° x 1.625° field of view for a fully populated focal plane with 30-meter resolution for the multispectral pixels and 10-meter resolution for the p anchromatic pixels. [Source: USGS/EDC Homepage]

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