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NLCD 1992/2001 Retrofit Land Cover Change Product

Developments in mapping methodology, new sources of input data, and changes in the mapping legend for the 2001 National Land Cover Database (NLCD2001) will confound any direct comparison between NLCD2001 and National Land Cover Dataset 1992 (NLCD1992). Users are cautioned that direct comparison of these two independently created land cover products is not recommended. This NLCD 1992/2001 Retrofit Land Cover Change Product was developed to offer users more accurate direct change analysis between the two products. The NLCD 1992/2001 Retrofit Land Cover Change Product uses a specially developed methodology to provide land cover change information at the Anderson Level I classification scale (Anderson et al., 1976*), relying on decision tree classification of Landsat satellite imagery from circa 1992 and 2001. Unchanged pixels between the two dates are coded with the NLCD01 Anderson Level I class code, while changed pixels are labeled with a "from-to" land cover change value. Additional details about this product are available in the metadata included in the multi-zone downloadable zip file. This product is designed for regional application only and is not recommended for local scales.

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