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Full Resolution Full Swath Geolocated and Calibrated TOA Radiance V1

MERIS was a push-broom spectrometer launched aboard the European Space Agency's (ESA) ENVISAT-1 spacecraft along with 9 other instruments. MERIS consisted of five cameras aligned side by side to provide a wide field-of-view of the Earth, which it could image in 3-days. The sensor had a swath width of 1150 km and measured the Earth's reflected radiation in 15 spectral bands. MERIS data are provided and multiple processing levels and at 3 resolutions - Low, Reduced, and Full. The MER_FRS_1P product is a full-resolution (260m x 290m) Level-1P (Geolocated and Calibrated TOA Radiance) product. The Full Resolution Full Swath Geolocated and Calibrated TOA Radiance, provided in radiance units [W/sr m2 µ] after scaling is Level-1B product. The MERIS sensor is no longer operational. The ENVISAT mission collected data from 2002 until 2012 when communication with the satellite was unexpectedly lost. Global density maps of annual MERIS data coverage are available.

Map of Earth