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MODIS/Aqua Near Real Time (NRT) Surface Reflectance Daily L2G Global 1km and 500m SIN Grid


The MODIS Near Real Time (NRT) Surface Reflectance products are an estimate of the surface spectral reflectance as it would be measured at ground level in the absence of atmospheric scattering or absorption. Low-level data are corrected for atmospheric gases and aerosols, yielding a level-2 basis for several higher-order gridded level-2 (L2G) and level-3 products.MYD09GA provides Bands 1-7 in a daily gridded L2G product in the Sinusoidalprojection, which includes 500-meter reflectance values and 1-kilometerobservation and geolocation statistics. 500-meter Science Data Sets providedby this product include reflectance for Bands 1-7, a quality rating,observation coverage, observation number, and 250-meter scan information.1-kilometer Science Data Sets provided include number of observations, qualitystate, sensor angles, solar angles, geolocation flags, and orbit pointers.Additional information at LPDAAC:

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