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MODIS/Terra Near Real Time (NRT) Vegetation Indices Daily Rolling-8-Day L3 Global 250m SIN Grid


The MODIS Near Real Time (NRT) level-3 Vegetation Indices Daily Rolling8Day data, MOD13Q4N, are provided everyday at 250-meter spatial resolution as a gridded leve-3 product in the Sinusoidal projection. Vegetation indices are used for global monitoring of vegetation conditions and are used in products displaying land cover and land cover changes. These data may be used as input for modeling global biogeochemical and hydrologic processes and global and regional climate. These data also may be used for characterizing land surface biophysical properties and processes including primary production and land cover conversion. Note: This is a near real-time product only. Standard historical data and imagery for MOD13Q4N (250m) and MOD13A4N (500m) are not available. Users can either use the NDVI standard products from LAADS web ( or access the science quality MxD09[A1/Q1] data and create the NDVI product of their own.

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