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Seismic Experiment in Patagonia and Antarctica - earthquakes and seismic arrival times

Project SEPA deployed 11 Broadband seismic stations in Chilean Patagonia and the Antarctic Peninsula region from January, 1997 - May, 1999. Stations operated year around, although reliability was marginal during the winter. The recording system consisted of Streckeisen STS-2 seismographs and Reftek 72A-08 digital aquisition systems, with GPS timing. Further information may be obtained at . The dataset at the ISC data center consists of 160 local Antarctic earthquakes identified during the project, and the picked arrival times (P waves and S waves) from the SEPA stations used to locate these earthquakes. Specific station locations are: FELL Estancia Brazo Norte, Patagonia -52.0568 -70.0047 HAMB Puerto del Hambre, Patagonia -53.6140 -70.9309 MILO Cueva del Milodon, Patagonia -51.5680 -72.6170 VTDF Estancia Vicunna, Tierra del Fuego -54.1387 -68.7060 SALM Salmon Farm, Seno Skyring, Patagonia -52.5494 -72.0303 DECP Deception Island, South Shetland Is. -62.9771 -60.6699 PRAT Base Prat, South Shetland Is. -62.4798 -59.6641 FREI Base Frei, South Shetland Is. -62.1947 -58.9840 OHIG Base OHiggins, Antarctica -63.3212 -57.8983 ELEF Elephant Island, South Shetland Is. -61.2198 -55.1390 LOWI Low Island, South Shetland Is. -63.2471 -62.1806 SPPT Spring Point, Antarctic Peninsula -64.2955 -61.0513

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