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Earth System Science Workbench: Global Surface Radiation Data Products

The 2001 program is a radiative transfer model that calculates solar radiation flux to the surface. The model is based on simple, physical modeling of the most important radiative processes occurring within the atmosphere, namely scattering and absorption by clouds, atmospheric gases and aerosols. Visible spectrum geostationary satellite imagery is used to compute cloud albedo, the governing cloud parameter. The repeat coverage of the geostationary satellite data (approx. one obs. per hour) allows an adequate sampling of the diurnal cloud variability. Furthermore the models simplicity allows it to be applied to large data sets. Model results have been compared to pyranometer measurements from the Dept. of Energy's Atmospheric Radiation Measurement program and averages better than 7% accuracy for daily integrated values of downwelling shortwave radiation. Global surface radiation data products will be made available through the Earth System Science Workbench (ESSW), specifically shortwave, photosynthetically-active (PAR), and ultraviolet (UV) radiation fields. These data are derived from GOES VISSR/VAS, AVHRR, and TOMS/UARS measurements. In the future, the radiation products will also be derived from MODIS, CERES, AIRS, and ARS/CHEM measurements, as they become available.

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