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2D-CloudSat-TRMM Product

[Source: 2D-CloudSat-TRMM Product Description, Cloudsat Data Processing Center, ] + CloudSat Data CloudSat data are copied directly from the 2B-GEOPROF HDF files with no alteration beyond limiting the included scans to the region surrounding the intersection with TRMM PR’s path. The CloudSat data range extends 50 scans to either end of the intersection curtain in order to provide context. The first and last 50 CloudSat scans in each file do not have matching TRMM information. Therefore the TRMM Curtain data correspond with the portion of the CloudSat curtain left with these end scans eliminated. + TRMM Data TRMM data is available in two components: - Curtain data, which contain a basic nearest-neighbor interpolation of the TRMM data on to the CloudSat data’s along track resolution. No height interpolation is performed. The latitude and longitude values provided reference the original latitude and longitude from which the interpolated data originates so it will not generally match up directly with the matching CloudSat curtain scan. - Block data, which is the full TRMM scan swath which encloses the CloudSat - TRMM intersect curtain. The block data is pulled directly from the TRMM source file with no spatial interpolation and is always 59 scans in along track length. Complete Product Description:

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