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Landsat 1-5 dataset from Alaska Field Office's Dbase; USGS, Alaska

This data set contains raw unregistered Landsat digital data covering most of Alaska. Data obtained from EROS Data Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Data acquired from 1980 and is ongoing. Some Landsat scenes date back to 1972. The data set currently has 585 records with a growth chart at 5-10 records per year. The amount of storage required varies by medium used or full scene or subscene selection; the file structure is sequential. Spatial referencing of data is by 57 x 59 meter grid cell size-MSS data. Data are available on 9-track, 800 bpi, 1600 bpi, 6250 bpi, unlabeled, unblocked, BCD, fixed record length tape. Subsets and custom formats are available. Limited documentation is available. The data is organized in 7 1/2 ' or 15 ' quads. Data is used for false color composites, land cover analysis, geologic analysis, hydrogeologic analysis, land use planning, basis for update of topographic maps, production of image maps.

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