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Level 1.1 of PALSAR-2 (ALOS-2) Data Processing

The state-of-the-art L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (PALSAR-2) aboard ALOS-2 will have enhanced performance compared to ALOS/PALSAR. The PALSAR-2 is capable of observing day and night, and in all weather conditions. The ALOS-2 was launched by the H-IIA Launch Vehicle on May 24, 2014. Range and single look azimuth compressed data is represented by complex I and Q channels to preserve the magnitude and phase information. Range coordinate is in slant range. In the case of ScanSAR mode, an image file is generated per each scan. Resolution (m) Splotlight: 3*1 (Rg*Az) Ultrafine: 3 High sensitive: 6 Fine: 10 ScanSAR (Normal): 100 (3 looks) ScanSAR (Wide): 60

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