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First ISCCP Regional Experiment (FIRE) Cirrus 1 Surface Radiation Budget (SRB) Data over Switzerland

Results from ISCCP analysis of B3 radiance data (sampled to 25 km). Unlike the standard ISCCP product, these data are reported at original pixel resolution and contain detailed information about the algorithm decision.Data covers the region from: 30 degrees North to 55 degrees North (+30 to +55), 40 degrees West to 40 degrees East (-40 to +40). (Polar projection covers 55S - 90S or 55N - 90N, maximum; Midlatitude maps cover 55S to 55N, maximum.) Spatially sampled imaging data. Nominal spatial resolution is 25 km. Pixel field of view is 4 km (NOAA data). Earth location (latitude +/- 90 degrees, longitude +/- 180 degrees) is obtained for each pixel from ancillary data.

Map of Earth