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First ISCCP Regional Experiment (FIRE) Cirrus 1 Colorado State University Sabreliner Aircraft Radiometric and Meteorological Data

This data set contains meteorological and radiometeric data from the NCAR Sabreliner aircraft that was collected during the 1986 FIRE Cirrus IFO. The NCAR Sabreliner research aircraft is a Rockwell International Sabreliner Model 60 aircraft, a low-wind twin-jet monoplane. The NCAR instrumentation that measured the data described above consisted of: 1. Aircraft Position, Velocity and Attitude -- Litton LTN-51 INS (Inertial Navigation System) 2. Static Pressure -- Rosemount Model 1201F1 Pressure Transducer (Fuselage Port) 3. Temperatures -- Rosemount Type 102 Non-dieced and Dieced Sensors (with Rosemount Model 510BH Amplifiers) 4. Dew Point and Humidity -- EG&G Model 137-C3 Dew Point Hygrometers -- NCAR Model LA-3 Lyman-alpha Hygrometer 5. Flow Angle Sensors -- Rosemount Model 858 Gust Probe -- Rosemount Model 1221FVL Differential Pressure Transducer 6. Cloud Physics -- Rosemount 871A Icing Rate Detector 7. Radiation Irradiances -- Shortwave Radiation (.3 - 2.8 microns): RAF Modified Epply Model PSP Pyranometers -- Near Infrared Radiation (.7 - 2.8 microns): RAF Modified Epply Model PSP Pyranometers -- Infrared Radiation (4 - 50 microns): RAF Modified Epply Model PIR Pyrgeometers

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