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NACP TERRA-PNW: Forest Plant Traits, NPP, Biomass, and Soil Properties, 1999-2014

This data set contains measurements and estimates of leaf, tree, and soil data from six projects conducted by the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research and Regional Analysis- Pacific Northwest (TERRA-PNW) research group between 1999 and 2014 across forests in Oregon and Northern California. Included are standardized, integrated measurements and estimates of specific leaf area, leaf longevity, leaf carbon and nitrogen for 35 tree and shrub species derived from more than 1,200 branch samples collected from over 200 forest plots, including several AmeriFlux sites. Plot-level measurements of forest composition, structure (e.g. tree biomass), and productivity estimates, as well as measurements of soil structure (e.g. bulk density) and chemistry (e.g. carbon) are also included.

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