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Global Estimated Net Migration Grids by Decade: 1970-2000

The Global Estimated Net Migration by Decade: 1970-2000 data set provides estimates of net migration over the three decades from 1970 to 2000. Because of the lack of globally consistent data on migration, indirect estimation methods were used. The authors relied on a combination of data on spatial population distribution for four time slices (1970, 1980, 1990, and 2000) and subnational rates of natural increase in order to derive estimates of net migration on a 30 arc-second (~1km) grid cell basis. Net migration was estimated by subtracting the population in time period 2 from the population in time period 1, and then subtracting the natural increase (births minus deaths). The residual was considered to be net migration (in-migrants minus out-migrants). The authors ran 13 geospatial net migration estimation models based on outputs from the same number of imputation runs for urban and rural rates of natural increase.This data set represents the average of those runs. These data are reliable at broad scales of analysis (e.g. ecosystems or regions), but are generally not reliable for local level analyses. The data were produced for the United Kingdom Foresight project on Migration and Global Environmental Change.

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