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TES/Aura L3 HNO3 Daily Gridded V004

TL3HNOD_4 is the Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer (TES)/Aura Level 2 Atmospheric Temperatures Limb Version 4 data product. TES was an instrument aboard NASA's Aura satellite and was launched from California on July 15, 2004. The satellite flew at an altitude of 705 km in an orbit that took it near Earth's North and South Poles. Each orbit, the spacecraft advanced 22° westward and, after 233 orbits (16 days) it was back to its starting point. TES/Aura L3 HNO3 Daily Gridded V004 measures daily atmospheric temperature and volume mixing ratio (VMR) for the atmospheric species, which are provided at 2 degrees latitude by 4 degrees longitude spatial grids and at a subset of TES standard pressure levels. Algorithms for deriving TES Level 3 data will be provided in the data files.

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