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NPP Grassland: Khomutov, Ukraine, 1948 and 1967-1970, R1

This data set provides two data files in text format (.txt). One file contains biomass measurements made in 1948 and between 1967 and 1970 for a humid temperate steppe in the Khomutovskaya Steppe Nature Reserve in the Donezk Region of Ukraine. The second file contains monthly and annual climate data for the study site for the period 1955-1972.Biomass measurements were made once in July of 1948 and biweekly to monthly during the growing season (April-August/September) from 1967 to 1970 at the permanent Khomutovskaya research station. ANPP was calculated for each sampling date and cumulatively over the four years, 1967-1970. Averaged over the time series, above-ground live phytomass, standing dead, and litter biomass were estimated to be 340, 90, and 240 g/m2 (dry matter weight), respectively, while below-ground phytomass and mortmass were estimated to be 1,675 and 792 g/m2 (dry matter weight), respectively. ANPP was estimated to be 460 g/m2/yr. BNPP was estimated to be 1,340 g/m2/yr.

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